Professional House Cleaning Services Since 1986.

Why three person teams

We’ve found that three people is the happy balance. Three person teams are able to clean your home in a reasonable amount of time without there being “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

Over 30 Years and Two Generations of Exceptional Customer Service

After 30 years in business, we know that delivering on our promise of quality and service to our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

200% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident that you’re going to love our service that we offer a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we miss something, we’ll come back to make it right and ensure you’re happy with your cleaning. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll issue you a refund.

30 years of one simple idea: deliver exceptional customer service.

Tracie Rush
Office Manager

Tim Marlowe Jr.
General Manager

Tim Marlowe Sr.

A word from the owner Tim Sr.

Greetings. I’m Tim Marlowe, owner and operator of GrimeStoppers. I started this house cleaning business with my wife Barbara, over 25 years ago with one idea in mind: Deliver exceptional customer service and your customers will love you for it. After all these years, I still believe that if you do the right thing and what’s best for the customer, the rest will come.

Our Customers Can’t Say Enough About Us

Ready to get your house GrimeStoppers clean?

Have a question about our services? Give us a call at (440) 954-3288, e-mail us at [email protected], or send us a message.

Have a question about our services? Give us a call at (440) 954-3288
or e-mail us at [email protected]